Chamber Circle

"For musicians, by musicians"

Who we are
We are a bunch of chamber music enthusiasts in Singapore, who want to share our enjoyment of music with peers and fellow enthusiasts!

What we do
Our goal is to facilitate matching of players into groups, to suggest repertoire, and to provide low-risk performance opportunities through our regular series of invite-only soirées, where our Chamber Circle performs to each other and to friends in an informal environment. We are planning to introduce occasional formal public recitals in the future.

How to join
Membership is by referral only, and we ask that you have a competency of at least grade 8 and preferably with some chamber experience. Sign up below using the ratings as described on ACMP (click here). If in doubt, pick a lower category and we can help to assess and adjust accordingly. Rest assured this isn't to judge you - it is to match players of similar skill levels, and to create the most rewarding experience for everybody.

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